What is META?

Technically, META stands for Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce of Australia. But what we really stand for is sustainable growth. META’s role is to advance and evolve Australia’s manufacturing industry, increasing efficiency and competitiveness on a local and global scale. Our gains will be Australia’s rewards, ultimately leading to sustainable economic growth driven by innovative technologies and a highly skilled labour force equipped for the third industrial revolution.

At META, we embrace forward thinking and the kind of “can do” attitude that is the enduring Australian mindset, and that will continue to propel Australia’s manufacturing sector into a globally integrated and competitive industry.

The new art of manufacturing is an advanced manufacturing approach that addresses the full value chain, and encompasses new processes, production methods and consumer insights. We facilitate nationwide industry collaboration, combining the research, expertise, technologies and knowledge required to effectively solve problems, commercialise ideas and form new business models and economic bases.

We are the people who connect high-performance businesses with world-class researchers to develop new, customer-focused, high value-add solutions.

Taking action

META creates opportunities to foster collaboration and commercial growth for its members, and Australian manufacturing as a whole. The META Collaboration Platform connects members in ‘Hubs’, allowing them to discuss topics and share concepts in the virtual space. This activity results in META Projects that identify specific manufacturing needs and new opportunities for commercial growth for members.

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